Monday, December 26, 2011

Repukes Remind Me of an Old Joke

The current crop of FuckingRepublican hopefuls reminds me of an old joke:  A new sailor was being shown around the ship back in the days of wooden ships and iron men, back when the ship would be at sea for months, sometimes years at a time.  After showing the newbie around the ship they come to a barrel and the newbie is told it is for relieving sexual tensions.  "When you feel the need just stick your cock in the bunghole."  The newbie asks if he can try it now and is told go for it.  He sticks his cock in the bunghole and receives a blowjob.  Then the newbie asks how often he can do that and is told anytime except Wednesday.  When he asks why not Wednesday???  "That's your turn in the barrel!!!"

Now is Newt's turn in the barrel, who's next?????????????


  1. Iowa is what? The 2nd of January?
    The time for debating has ended.

    Thank God.
    Also, no Christmas music in the WalMart. I was ready to do Rudolph.
    Yes, gut the fucker, skin his ass,
    have carcass made into sausage, and mount his head on Dad's garage
    if I heard that fucking song one just one more time.

    The "X" factor in Iowa is Ron Paul.
    The dynamics of what happens there will be interesting to watch.



  2. Repucks are an old joke, but so are the fucking democrats, it's all a fucking joke, a smoke, mirrors and magic show.

  3. stupid is as stupid does..who knew Forest Gump would be right?


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