Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Example of How Nobody is Giving Us the Real Facts

 This is from Georgetown University's brochure for student health insurance.  Has anyone heard anywhere about the fact that the students at the university have to buy their own insurance.  FUCKING RUSH isn't paying the bill, each student pays for their own insurance, so FUCKING RUSH has no right to demand sex tapes if the insurance pays for contraceptives!!!!!!!!

Georgetown University requires students to have health insurance. Because so many students have difficulty obtaining comprehensive, affordable coverage on their own, the University has accepted the responsibility of obtaining an affordable plan for its students,
the Premier Plan. Students who are eligible for insurance in the fall are automatically charged for the Premier Plan. Students who already have coverage of at least $100,000 per Injury and per Sickness may waive the Premier Plan by supplying documentation of insurance coverage on a waiver form. The only way that we can ensure that students have insurance before the enrollment period ends on September 15 is by including the charge for insurance on the fall tuition bill of all eligible students and by requiring a waiver from those who already have coverage. Because the insurance charge is part of the tuition statement, students may use loans and scholarships to pay for it.

The University has worked with Gallagher Koster to develop a health insurance policy tailored to the health needs and financial capabilities of students. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
underwrites the Plan.

In this case the government isn't forcing Georgetown University to provide contraceptive coverage, just that the insurance policy that the university requires the students to buy does cover contraceptives.(For whatever medical reason they are prescribed, including preventing rugrats!!)  

Why aren't the Reich-WingNuts and/or Tea-Baggers protesting the fact that the university is mandating every student buy insurance?????????????
 Since the Reich-Wing insists on using religion as the basis for this argument, thought I'd throw some in!!!!

Fuck Rush!!  Anybody that gets their information from Rush is dumber than a bag of rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am a retired insurance agent licensed in three states. Here is where this is: contraceptives drugs are covered with just about every employer funded/partially funded plan out there. Adding maternity coverage onto a group plan is extremely expensive and it gets worse - every female employee
    has to be coverd: women who have had hysterectomies, lesbians, obese fat girls, anorexics - all
    get covered - even Granny who is
    71 and still works there.
    Birth control pills are cheaper to pay for than a maternity claim.

    And, I am a former United Health Care agent so I have an idea about what plan Georgetown University has. UHC's major meds
    are good plans...


  2. I am proud to say..I have never watched fox..I can't even flip thru it and see it..I deleted if off my channels..ahhaah


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