Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Disillusion a Kid


  1. I have seen this happen when "life is a skateboard in the mall" and "May I help you" at McDonald's occurs. A lot of what I call the legion of the lost" have never been able to make the transition.
    I actually watched a mother at great clips pay for her college grad son's haircut.
    A friend of mines kid got a full scholarship to Depauw - Greenfield, In - Majored in philosphy. So? He is going to ponder life while someone else picks up the tab?

    It is time for us to put a put in these fucker's asses right after we break their dinner plates.


  2. A lot in school bored me, I was more than happy to hit the jobs in life.

  3. Sarge, I can top your story. When I was teaching at a university, I had a mother protest the failing grade I gave her son on an assignment -- the paper that got turned in was a plagiarized piece of garbage, an obvious cut and paste from the internet. She threw a fit, and it turned out one reason she was so upset was that she had "written" the paper, not her kid. It takes a special type of idiot parent to still be doing the kid's homework when the "kid" is old enough to drink legally. . . and then to do that homework badly.


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