Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gateway Arch

This was the first view of the arch as we were coming down I-55 towards St. Louis.  That green area in the picture is a landfill on the Illinois side of the river.

This is what the little cars in the tram look like to ride to the top of the arch.  There are seats for five people in that little car.  You get to experience several phobias at the same time, fear of small spaces, fear of heights, etc.

For some reason blogger isn't working right, having trouble loading pictures without them being distorted.  May have to load the pictures in the confuser again.  The top picture is a little distorted along the left edge, but is good enough for now.


  1. I've been by several times, but never in it.

    That thing to the top, looks a hellofa lot like a gas chamber from one of those old gangster movies. Sans appendage straps, of course.

  2. Seen the Arch many times - always a great sight. Now, you cross the river into East St Louis - lock your car doors and roll up you windows - You may need to even run red lights until you get to Belleville (Scott AFB).


  3. Never felt the need to go in the arch when there, it's just another fucking tourist attraction they want you to pay to see.


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