Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Decide What Underwear to Wear

From csectioncomics. com .  Click on the link to see it larger and easier to read.
Update: played with the html code to make the graphic larger.


  1. women are from Venus, men are from the jungle.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I regularly trash and replace socks and skivies - packing for this move was good for doing that.
    Just filled yet another box of irrelevant crap that if I throw it away will mean just buying it again. Twenty-three and a wake-up/move to go.

    Oh, I had to hit the link to get
    that big enough to read - have tou tried enlarging when you paste? Right ckick on the image and you will get a tool bar at the top.



  3. Glad you posted the link. I totally agree with how men chose underwear. Likely 15% of mine have holes in them. Still work.

  4. Sarge, I tried enlarging when I posted it, but part of the right side got lost under the sidebar. This was as large as I could get it without going into the sidebar.

  5. holey underwear is better than going commando.

  6. I like this a flow chart a lot!


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