Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Home

This was the scene when we got home yesterday afternoon.  Just a few patches of snow mostly where it was piled up from plowing or in shady spots under the spruce trees.

This the scene when I looked out this morning.  A light dusting of snow covering everything except the driveway.  This is a typical homecoming for me.  It usually snows as I come home or right after I get here.  The only way to make sure it doesn't snow on my arrival is to sneak home in the middle of summer, but that is no guarantee as it has snowed every month of the year here and snow on the Fourth of July is not uncommon!!


  1. Someone told me that the UP had recorded measurable snow fall in every month except August. Is that true still?


  2. Just rain here, fucking rain.

  3. Some snow still on the mountains in Maine - but no snow here in the foothills.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. A lot of snew here in Nebraska.


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