Sunday, March 18, 2012


This shot is the same as the one on the header of the blog (also at the bottom of the blog), just different time of the year.  There is a layer of ground fog in the foreground from the snow because the temp is in the upper 40s-lower50s.  And it wasn't even 10am when I took the picture.

We've had a week of warm weather, 50s, 60s, even pushing 70.  Usually at this time of year they are warning people they have to get their ice shanties off of Lake Superior by Mar. 31.  Last week every time we went to town there were boats out in the bay with people fishing.  Heard a rumor that there had been a couple of brave souls had ventured out on the ice in the bay and done some ice fishing.  The fact that their big balls didn't cause them to break thru the ice amazes me!!

Update: just heard the forecast for today, high 76 to 81, cooler near the lake.

Addendum also:  Today's high was 70 with 1 to 2ft of snow on the ground.  UN-FUCKING-REAL!!


  1. We cracked 80 almost a month ago; yesterday was 86....yawn. First mowing was yesterday; Dogwoods have came and gone; all trees are leafing out; shut heat off two weeks ago. Temp is 77, Dewpoint as I type is 64. Ain't right, I tell ya.


    'Cept things are just as screwy UP there..(

  2. 76 or 77 Superior froze over. I will never forget that Coast Guard helicoptor tellin me that he had four holes in Lake AuTrain for the missing snowmobilers everyone was searching for.

    Seventy-nine in Indianapolis.

    Now remember, that global warming shit is a liberal lie...


  3. Shit, I'll be lucky to see three 76 degree days in August. It was just sleeting here.

  4. So you're making one?

    I was wondering about the 02 sensor, may need a different sensor if using some hydrogen. You can make your own check valves, or if there is a Grainger store near you they should have some thing you can use.

    Be careful messing with that stuff.


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