Friday, November 12, 2010

Patriotism Or Platitudes?????

Yesterday everywhere you looked, TV, ads in newspapers, internet, blogs, social networks, etc, etc, there were things saying how much they appreciate the veterans and troops. But what if anything are they actually doing to help the veterans and troops???? I guess some would say they are praying for the troops, Fine, that's a way to pretend you are helping without actually doing JACKSHIT!!!!

In recent years it has become SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) at sporting events and other media events to trot out a handful of people in uniform, usually camo and say the same old platitudes about how we love the troops for protecting our freedoms, because of them we are able to do the things we do everyday, etc, etc, fucking etc!!! I hope they get into these events for free, it's the least they could do for using them in this way. It's nice to see the troops getting some of the respect they deserve, but I always get the feeling that they are being used by those putting on the events. Maybe I'm cynical, but I get the feeling that it's all about going thru the motions to show how patriotic they are when all they are doing is jumping on the band wagon so they can say, "Ain't we Patriotic???" Now buy more of our shit!!

Now if they really loved the veterans and troops, they would be fighting to see that they are taken care of properly. That they get the medical treatment they need, whether still in the military or a veteran. That those that are serving our country don't have to depend on food stamps to feed their families and that they have decent affordable housing for their families. (Back when I was in the military, the old saying was, "If Uncle Sugar had wanted you to have a family, you would have been issued one!! Even tho we were paid slave wages, seemed like those with families got by somehow, but as bad as it was then, it has gotten worse over the years.)

If we really love the troops, we would see to it that any veteran that asks for medical help would only be asked, "Are you a veteran and what is the problem???" Those that are serving should receive the best medical care, not shuffled off into an old dilapidated barracks to wait in hopes of getting treatment someday. Some of these facilities on military bases weren't up to snuff a decade ago and now with two wars going on, they are overwhelmed. And guard and reserve should not be treated like second-class people because they are not regular military. They should be treated like any other casualty, and all should be treated better and quicker.

This Veterans' Trust Fund is an interesting idea and a start in the right direction.

We have one party that claims to love the troops and claims the other party is soft on defense. Well, near as I can figure out, the party that claims to love the troops actually loves the Military-Industrial Complex and could give a fuck about the troops. If they loved the troops they would see to it that their needs come first instead of spending billions on more shock-bang toys!! (Like when a senator pushed thru a huge ship costing billions the Navy didn't want and would be stretched thin to man, simply because it would be built in his state) Of course the Military-Industrial Complex gives them millions in return, while the troops can't afford to give much if any because they(the party that loves the troops) have seen to it that they can barely survive on the pay and benefits they get.

This rant has been building for quite some time and may be continued in the future.


  1. I'm tempted to do one of my favorite rants -- people who mouth a lot of platitudes about supporting the troops but never served themselves and would have a shit fit if one of their kids enlisted.

  2. Just because one is ranting, doesn't mean that it isn't true. Rant on brother, from one veteran to another.

    You do know that it's them damned nasty Socialists who want to improve the lot of veterans...gotta be. Un-American bastards that they are.

  3. I had a good visit with my brother yesterday. He was attached to the 101st in Vietnam. There are very few, if any, people he loathes more than the chickenhawks who lied us into war in Iraq. I considered joining the Marines but my brother educated me when he came back from Vietnam. I saw the fear in my mother’s eyes every night during the evening newscast. I learned to ask why.

    Yes, we can oppose a war and still support and care for our fellow Americans in uniform. That’s something the Reich Wingers cannot comprehend. “Supporting the troops” is not the same as cheering on war criminals like Bush and Cheney.

  4. I have mixed feelings about all these wars and vets. In recent wars (Nam and since) a lot of men return plain go to hell and seem to think society owes them everything now while they kick back and do large amounts of booze and drugs. I spend time around those people all the time.

    Look, guys, I know that war is a bitch and ugly (and what in the hell did Nam and Iraq have to do with our freedom?) but after WW2 most men, even those crippled, came home and got their shit together and got jobs and started building the American dream and homes and all that.

    They had some help of course but they didn't expect the American dream to be handed to them on a silver platter.

    A reminder that you where also fighting for your own right to be free, you didn't do it just for everyone else.

    And many that go into the service do so simply for some work. I spent four years in the Navy, why? Because at 18 I was an idiot.

    Sending men all over this rock in this modern age is stupid. If you really have some enemies out there just bomb them into a wasteland and call it a days work.

    It's stupid that any war lasts more than a month anymore. Other than the fact that if we end wars it's going to put a big hurt on our economy.

    I'll tell you how to support vets, offer them jobs, even the disabled ones, there's something they can do.

  5. I don't have much experience with vets from Iraq, but plenty with vets from Nam.

    Some of them were shot to hell and still came back and got careers and made lives for themselves. Others never got harmed at all or just had simple wounds but whine like babies for all they can get because they have been "harmed mentally".

    Um, the guys that were shot all to hell wasn't?

  6. Supporting our troops and invasions for profit simply don't add up for me.


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