Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Latest Toy For UP On The Tundra

Last week I went to Harbor Freight and bought this truck crane. I plan on mounting it in the back of a '73 Dodge 4/4 pickup. I'm getting too old to muscle heavy things up into the back of a truck.

On the way to Harbor Freight, we drove thru the city of Tucker and that reminded me of an old joke, from before my time actually.

Three guys were discussing buying cars for their wives.
The first guy says, "I'm going to buy her a Kaiser and surprise her."
The second guy says, "I'm going to buy her a Fraser and amaze her."
The third guy says, "I'm going to buy her a Tucker."


  1. A ram and a winch on the same unit is a good idea. But I've never bought one cuz I question the size of the base, the footprint, wouldn't want it twisting the bed of the truck.

    So far I'm still getting by with ramps and a hand truck but I won't rule something like that out in the future.

    Likely to make my own though, I have all that is needed for one here already.

  2. I bought an engine puller, I think you know what I mean, they are handy for more things than pulling engines. I haven't used the damn thing for anything.

    And I bought a chain hoist. Yup, still in the box, but I have that son of a bitch in case I ever need it.

  3. When I rolled the Jeepster...

    Now I'm really pissed, the only thing I've ever rolled is a race car and two wheel drives is about all I've ever driven, even in snow and ice.

    But being an (ex) race car driver I can make two wheel drives go where only four wheel drives can go a lot of times.

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  5. It comes with a couple of pieces of angle to put under the bed to stiffen it. I'll probably do more to make sure it doesn't bend when lifting something heavy. It says capacity is 1000#, but I'm sure it'll lift more if the base is properly supported.


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