Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America Has Spousal Abuse Syndrome

Looking at the results of yesterday's election, you have to wonder what were the voters thinking?? Some pundits have said they weren't thinking, instead they were going by their feelings. Those feelings have been fed by their abusers for the last two years or four in some cases.(Some have been serial abusers for the last 30 years.) It's like the voters are spousal abuse victims saying, "But they said they wouldn't abuse me again!!"and take them back again, again and again. Question is, how long will it be before the abuse starts all over again. Or maybe it's like a drunk totaled your car and you haven't gotten it completely fixed but you are giving that drunk the keys to your car again and they are still drunk and unapologetic.

Saw a post that compared the voters to those with ADD and/or Stockholm Syndrome. The ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) fits as when it comes to politics, most voters can't remember what happened last month. The Stockholm Syndrome may or may not be a stretch.

If the voters were pissed at the lack of action in Washington over the last 2 years, there'll be even less in the next 2 years. The Party of No will spend most of their effort on "Smoke & Mirrors" and create diversions while accomplishing nothing. But obviously that's what the majority of the voters want!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Voters do vote with their feelings, and what they want. Often they are afraid to lose any government candy that may be tossed at them so they often vote against tax reductions.

    Thinking of course that it's everyone but them that are going to be paying those taxes.

    Tell me something, what is an apparently sane and intelligent person like you doing living in the middle of a Repuck bible belt?

  2. The Old Lady is working here. In 6 months she'll retire and we will move back UP on the Tundra.

  3. Oh, I sure couldn't work there, went there, saw it, got the hell out.


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