Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow Causes Accidents, Doh!!

Last Saturday morning there were several accidents UP on the Tundra. They weren't caused by ice, they were caused by wet slushy snow. When the temperature is around the freezing point, that is when you have the least traction on snow.
What I find interesting is that all of the accidents in the newspaper article involved SUVs and a pickup truck. The laws of Psychics also apply to SUVs and pickups, Ya Think????


  1. Jeepster. Big Hill. Was it slushing then, too?

  2. 4 wheel drive SUV's provide better traction is all. Not better control or braking, those things still require sensible and responsible drivers.

    Some expensive rigs have extra controls in them but that simply means that these monkeys will push them past those limits.

    Be careful out there, and keep it between the ditches.

  3. Jeepster. Big Hill. Was it slushing then, too?

    Wuz you out having some boy fun?

  4. When I rolled the Jeepster it wasn't slushing. There was 6 to 8 inches of wet heavy snow on the road and the Jeepster only had 2 wheel drive because I had taken the front driveshaft out because of a bad carrier bearing. I was on my way home from work and it had been snowing all day. The snowplow gave me a ride to the top of the hill and then got a ride with someone else the rest of the way home. If I'd had 4 wheel drive on that skateboard it wouldn't have happened, but because I only had 2 wheel drive, I was going fast trying to have enough momentom to get to the top on the hill and I spun out, hitting the ditch and rolling over one time landing on its wheels.

  5. I was lucky my spinouts were later in the season and all I did was smack into the snowbank. It sure was fun learning to drink and drive at the same time.


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