Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If It's Got A Dome It's Got To Be A Mosque, Right??

There is a group in Phoenix building a church, but when the framework for the dome started showing, some people thought it's a mosque and started complaining about it. KPHO has the story.
They actually had to put up a sign saying that it is a Christian church!!


  1. Unreal. Nothing like screaming out to the public "we don't believe in THAT fairy tale, we believe in THIS fairy tale!"


  2. The only mosque in Finland: (in Järvenpää)

    The Finnish Lutheran Cathedral:

  3. Sometimes the fact that 49% of my fellow citizens are total dumbasses makes it real hard to be an American abroad. Eight years of George senior's idiot son didn't help, the teabaggers are actually making things worse.

  4. The only thing that is as bad as a muslim church is a christian church. But they do all love to build their temples for their make believe buddy.

    Much of the rest of their money they spend on nasty things to kill each other with.


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