Friday, November 26, 2010

More Wacky Adventures Of The Palins

There is an ad banner at the bottom of the screen and you have to click on the "X" to get rid of it in order to read the subtitles.

H/T to the Rude Pundit for the link to this video. Love the way the Taiwanese use animation for their news footage.

Check out the monkey ghost writer for Palin's book!!


  1. The monkey...nice touch. On a whole, it was a pretty accurate depiction of America's First Family in training. We have much to look forward to in the way of trailer trash comedy.

  2. Being as politics and our politicians are bullshit they may as well at least be entertaining.

    Hell, half the guys in this country whack off when Sarah shows up, I suppose that is how they'll vote also.

    I've decided to be okay with that, being as everything is going to fail anyway at least we can stick the blame on women.


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