Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Bennett at the Chatanooga Times Free Press.

Willing to bet that not only did someone write his memoirs, someone had to read it to him, at least that's how dumb aWol would have us believe he is even tho he has an Ivy-League edumacation!!


  1. He's really out there. Just listening to snippets of his interview with Matt Lauer remind me how shallow and myopic he is. I'd forgotten that 9/11 really represented his glory days. The most animated he seemed to get was when he talked about his bullhorn moment while standing in the rubble.

  2. Lisa, you have a stronger stomach than I do. I quit listening to aWol shortly after he was installed by the five Supremes.

  3. All we need to know is his "conscience is clear". He is truly a sociopath.

  4. Oh hell, the book thing in just a little blip on the screen of history as we hurtle forward in time and space.

    Put it behind you, we're always moving forward.

    The interesting to me is how so many are turning against Obama. I didn't expect much from him I don't expect much from any president anymore.

    I'm pretty sure that this country is going to end up really hating the next president.

    Things are just going that way because Americans are idiots.

    Get involved and vote though, your vote counts, hahahaha

  5. Funnily enough, it even turned out it was plagiarized.


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