Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sour Milk

One of the things that pisses me off is all these FuckingRepublicans and some BlueFuckingDog Democrats trying to keep you and I from getting any of the benefits that they receive. I mean, here they are merrily sucking away on the government tit, but so we won't think they're the parasites they actually are, they are telling us the milk is sour!!! They are firmly latched on to the tit while acting like they are jumping on a grenade to protect us!! Can you say Hypocrite, boys and girls??
(I like to suck on a tit or two myself [try to switch off for equal time], but how long are they going to keep that milk tooth???)

The TeaBaggers are right to be angry(I'm angry too, obviously), but their anger is misguided. Those behind the push to get people riled up want the TeaBaggers to go after those that would actually help them. They have the TeaBaggers supporting those who fucked things up in the first place. That's the way The Owners want it.(Call them what you want, Big Money, The Powers That Be, etc,etc. George Carlin had it right years ago, it's The Owners against the rest of us.)

If only they would wake up and smell the coffee, but you know that ain't going to happen. The TeaBaggers are safely in their little circle-jerks insulated from reality e-mailing each other the propaganda The Owners have put out for them.

Addendum: What got me thinking about sucking the government tit was Fmr. Sen. Alan Simpson saying that Social Security was a government tit with 310 million nipples which is pure BULLSHIT!! Social Security is something that everyone who draws Social Security benefits has paid into Social Security.


  1. Oh my gawd, these fuckers are disgusting.

  2. Yep, this sums it up pretty good.

    Check out this link given to me by The Plashing Vole, who is a Brit.

    This explains a whole gaggle of things about our legislators and why what you are talking about here is not going to change.

  3. jadedj, I checked out the link. The comments were interesting too. Seems like on both sides of the pond too many people equate having money with being smart. Nothing could be further from the truth, aWol is a good example!! George Carlin had it right, a very small percentage owns this country and all we can do is wiggle on the hook!!


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