Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowplow Upgrade??

Below is a picture(one of the earliest digital pictures we have. It was on a 3 1/2" floppy that the camera used to store pictures, not like the little memory cards these days.) of me plowing snow with my old Jeepster. The reason it is topless is that I rolled it about 20 years before this picture was taken and as the top was the most solid part of the vehicle, it got bent out of shape and so I removed it. It is now parked in the field directly behind where it is in this picture.

Below is the same Jeepster as it looked this past summer. Maybe next summer I'll see if I can fire it up again and drive it out of the field. It's only been parked here for about 7-8yrs, but I think I can get it running again. It wouldn't be the first time it sat for years and I got it running again. I might need to air up the tires.
Below is the plow rig that is going to replace the Jeepster. It's a '79 Jeep J20. I bought it last year and this past summer I fixed the brakes, replaced the flexible joint at the steering gear box because it broke after I raised the cab on the driver's side and changed the angle of the shaft in the steering column. Changed oil & filter, put in new platinum spark plugs, and replaced the accelerator pump because it was leaking. I replaced the 16.5" wheels and tires with 16" ones as 16" are easier to find and cheaper than the old-style 16.5"are.

I still need to work on the driveline. I think the chain that goes from the transmission to the transfer case is stretched and worn and is jumping teeth under a hard pull or hard acceleration. I hope it's that and not the output shaft on the transmission that is worn as the chain is easier to replace than the shaft because the tranmission doesn't have to be removed. Either way it'll be another couple hundred dollars to get it ready to plow snow next year. The total for what I paid for the truck and what I will have put into fixing it will be less than a thousand dollars which ain't bad. I figure the plow rig alone is worth what I paid for the truck.


  1. A new plow like that is a fair amount of money, that's for sure.

  2. that looks like it would be fun to ride it.


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