Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why All The Fuss About Airport Security??

All of a sudden there's all this talk about the indignity of airport screening. Can't do the full body scan as someone may laugh at your junk and if you refuse the scan, you get a full body pat-down and someone may touch your junk. These people didn't worry about losing their civil liberties when the Patriot Act was passed because they never imagined it would apply to them, just those barbaric Muslins!! What a bunch of Maroons!! Or is it Morans??

If you don't want to go through the screening, take the bus or the train. But, but, the train doesn't go where you want, then maybe we need to work on making the train system better!!

Here's another cartoon about airport screening from Jan. '04
Miss Paddywacker, prostrate patoddler please.

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  1. so far they dislodged a guys colostomy bag and spilled urine all over him and one guy is whacking off in the xray room...how many ways can they fuck this crap up?


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