Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magical Underwear

Tried to add this video to the previous post and got several different videos but not this one. That was from the MSNBC site. Got this from youtube.

The thing that comes to mind about these magic underwear is that if it blocks the scanner, security will want to know why it was blocked and what is behind the area that is blocked. That way you will get to go through both the scanner and a full body pat-down to make sure you aren't hiding anything in the blocked out areas.

And the thing with the inserts to put in the bra kill me. Like seeing nipples on a X-ray screen is such a big deal!! How up-tight about your body can you be?? Can you say PURITAN??

Update; just had a thought(and yah it hurt!!), wear the underwear backwards and when they ask to see what's under the fig leaf, you can moon them!!

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  1. I am of 2 ways about the pat down..one ? I just think it's just plum stupid..2? it would be the only action I get..so I'm for it.

    plus your word verification is undreara


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