Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh No!! I'm Going To Die, I Bought Some Cookies Yesterday With Sprinkles And Frosting!!

Faux News? got pwned again. They did a rant about the FDA banning sprinkles on doughnuts and ice cream cones!!!!!!

According FDA nutrition expert Harley Sain the FDA was going to ban sprinkles on doughnuts and ice cream cones because sprinkles contain trace amounts of trans-fat. The name should have been a huge red flag and a clue, but the idiots at Faux are totally clueless.

In a post in The Arizona Conservative (sub-titled Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News) there was a piece about sprinkles being banned. Probably the talking heads don't come up with the BULLSHIT they spout, but someone with a couple of gray cells rubbing together should have figured out this was a joke. But I guess they are so delusional about how the Evil Gubmint is going to ruin your life that they'll run with anything that sounds good.

No wonder the collective intelligence of this country is going downhill. A trickle of stupidity now and then like a leaking garden hose is one thing, but Faux News? is like firehose opened all the way going 24/7!!

I wonder who does the hard things for these talking heads that they can't do themselves, like tie their shoelaces????????????


  1. I expect their cue cards say, "inhale, exhale," just to keep them from passing out.

  2. I'll eat anything that will help me gain some weight.

  3. China Daily picks up Borowitz once in a while but Faux News? Wonderful.


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