Friday, December 12, 2014

Snowplow On Different Truck

The transmission died on my old Jeep plowtruck. Last summer I took the plow frame off the Jeep and took the front bumper of the Dodge. Before I left to go play campground host I brought the Dodge with the plow frame in the back over to my neighbor. I asked him to put the plow frame on the Dodge. It required cutting and welding to make the switch and I don't have a torch or a welder for hearier metals. I told him I'd be back in November, but he thought I'd be gone longer. Anywho, I got my truck back last Sunday after he was done with the job.

Plow frame on the Dodge.

After I got the truck back I had to install the controls and the battery for the plow and the battery isolater. I still haven't wired up the plow lights, but I'm not planning on plowing snow at night. Although it does get dark early these days.

The snow has settled some or it might have been more difficult to find the plow.

When I took the plow off the Jeep, I put it off to the side where I thought it would be easy to get at, but not in the way for snowplowing in case I didn't get it on the truck before the county started plowing my driveway.  It was good that I put the plow with the arms up and the blade sitting on a couple of blocks of wood. Otherwise it would have been hard to find and/or frozen to the ground. I hooked a chain to the plow and pulled it out of the snowbank with the truck.

I plowed a spot next to The Guppy to park the truck.

This truck should hold up better for plowing snow. It has a 318 V-8 with a four speed transmission and a strong transfer case. All I got to remember is to keep the fluid levels up in various parts that require gear lube. All of which I should check before I do anymore plowing. It's supposed to be nice for the next few days, so I'll do that before we get more snow.


  1. Dodge is a working man's truck anyhow. Jeeps are for Chardonnay Socialists

  2. The Jeep is a '79 J20, so it is still a working man's truck. Just got tired of fixing it. The transmission was the last straw.


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