Friday, February 6, 2009

Fertility Symbols??

Yesterday I bought a couple of these pastries from the bakery at the Carnicerias Y Tiendas across the street. I usually pick up something to go with coffee the next morning. Anywho, when The Old Lady looked at the pastries in the bag she asked, "What are these, some kind of Mexican fertility symbols??" I said, "Why, because they look like something Georgia O'Keefe would do???"

This was the first time I had seen these particular pastries. I like to try different things and when I see something new in the bakery case, I get a couple.

The Old Lady spotted a Mexican Coke on her co-workers desk yesterday and asked where she got it. The co-worker said she had gone to the Carniceria for lunch and was amazed at all the shops (kinda like Fred Meyers in miniature) under one roof. Another co-worker had gone with her and helped her order in Spanish.

Addendum, tonight The Old Lady looked in the bag and said, "Not vaginas this time."


  1. I think the one I took to work this morning even had a clit.

  2. when i was a kid and lived in laredo texas..back in the 50's we'd go across the border and they made a brown sugar candy called penoche...imagine my surprise when i grew up and learned slang spanish cuss words that penoche meant pussy..?????
    so did the cookie taste like fish?

  3. I love The Old Lady. She's a scream!

    I understand that flan is also slang for pussy. I'm sensing a theme here...

  4. The big question is how did they taste?

  5. I've never see one. Mostly I just make my own goodies because it is much cheaper to do so.

    Well, except for ice cream, I buy it, and candy for Helen, she does love her chocolate.


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