Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And The Answer Is??

Found a link on WTF is it Now?!? to the GOPProblem Solver. I decided to ask a GOP sexual question and this is the answer I got:
What is the biggest problem in your life?
What's the best way to clean up santorum after anal sex?

The solution to your problem is a $57,422 tax cut.
In this space there were two spaces to click on, one said "Great, I have another problem" and the other said "That doesn't make sense". When I clicked on "That doesn't make sense", this is the answer I got:
Then the terrorists win.

I guess no matter what your problem is, a large tax cut will solve it. That $57,422 tax cut would be nice as it is more than I have earned in any working year of my life!!


  1. That is hilarious. So what I would expect from that rat infested group.

  2. I guess it's nice to have things so simplified that even the Republican brain can understand it.

  3. What is the biggest problem in your life?

    Don't get me started, you know how I get. :-)

  4. Two things contributed to your erroneous answer:

    1)The questions weren't being answered by Larry Craig;

    2)The site wasn't hosted in an airport bathroom.


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