Thursday, February 12, 2009


Read an article yesterday about how beards are making a comeback. I threw my razor away when I got out of the military and except for a couple of times have had a beard (such as it is) since. Once I got talked into joining the Guard (all we do is get together one weekend a month and drink beer. Problem was that at summer camp they wanted to play Army.) for a year and had to shave for the monthly meetings and summer camp. Once I had a job that was a government contract working on military aircraft and the company wanted everyone to maintain a pseudo-military look. I paid $50 for a doctor to write up a medical excuse for me so I could stop shaving. Then one of the supervisors tried telling me that I had to keep at 1/8 inch in length. I told him to show me in writing in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) where it says what length a beard has to be. He couldn't find anything other than that it had to be neat and trim.

"Facial hair is a way for men to bond, he says, the male rendition of the shoes-and-purse love you often see in women. Beard clubs and bulletin boards act as a sort of fraternity, offering camaraderie, community involvement and support — not to mention a steady supply of beer buddies."
Beard clubs, are you shitting me?? Shows that people really are dumb herd animals.

The article mentioned how a lot of women complained about beard rash on their faces, but not on other parts of their bodies.

Some say that shaving is a sign of being civilized. I on the other hand think shaving is a barbaric thing to do. Dragging something sharp across your face to remove hair is not a sign of civilization. Bill Cosby did a bit on shaving, "I lathered up my face and grabbed my trusty razor. Zip Zap my face was cut to shreds. All I wanted was a close shave, not a self-sacrifice!"

I always wanted to get a t-shirt that said, "Mustache Rides 25 Cents".


  1. It's just me I guess but I can't stand to not shave. Hair growing out of my face bugs the hell out of me.

    And I'm always after all the stray hairs that pop up other places, like on my ears and such, the appearance of them irritate me also.

    I don't really think I'm vain, considering I wear crap for clothes most of the time, I just don't like the looks of them.

    At least the hair on my chest doesn't bother me, ha ha ha.

  2. I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member, ha ha ha.

  3. son has that T-shirt. Like I have opined about men in suits - I like beards too. It seems the well groomed man has stricter criteria than women. I have yet to see in any handbook where I have to keep the hairs on my legs "neat and trim."

  4. when i used to drink..i walked in to my local watering hole and my boyfriend was sitting at the crowded bar, commenting there was no place to sit..he said'as long as i have a face, you have a place to sit.'...

    he had a full beard and had had one for 15-20years..when we broke up i didn't see him for a few weeks and went into said watering hole and he was sitting off in the corner with his face shaved..i didn't recognize him..when he spoke and i realized who it was i took a double take at his shaven face and said'now i know what my pussy would look like if i shaved it'...we stayed broke up.

  5. I haven't shaved in over 28 years. It's odd, but as soon as the thermometer stays consistently over 30'F I am going to start again. But after yellowdog granny's comment, I might want to rethink it. Hope my face has not changed that much.


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