Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Spotted a phrase recently on DIY's blog cabin that is a true oxymoron. George Carlin would have loved it. I remember him doing a riff on oxymorons like; Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp etc.......... This one is Modern Rustic as a description for a fireplace. Modern is like new or up to date. Rustic is something else again. In Wisconsin they have Rustic Roads, which means they are old roads that are no longer maintained on a regular basis. Just put up a sign saying Rustic Road and their ass is covered in case someone loses a major suspension part on the road.


  1. well I'm sorry but I can't see how you can be modern and rustic..them peoples are batshit crazy.

  2. Carlin is great, I have two CD's of his I listen to at times.

    I love rustic, I hope the roads get so bad that everyone has to drive at 30 MPH.

    The world is going to fast.

  3. "Modern Rustic" means it just went to hell a little while ago.:)

    I just thought we had some bad roads up north. Down here, it's car and a half wide clay ungraded roads....five miles out of town. If you don't know where you're going and how to get there, life will get real exciting in a hurry!!


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