Friday, February 27, 2009


Sometimes I resemble that remark!!

Another one for The Kid who wants to go to the city of Luckenback.


  1. when I lived in Austin on the Stiner xs ranch...they had the outlaw concert there...I got to watch the entire show from behind one of the amps...was 2 feet from waylon...I wanted to jump his bones so bad...but I'm not that kinda girl..waylon jennings in my favorite male singer...and that is one of my favorite favorite is cedartown georgia..breaks my heart every time I hear it.
    i'm almost embarassed to tell you how much I cried when he died...

  2. i LOVE ALMOST ANY KIND OF MUSIC (NO RAP!) BUT FAVOR C&W AND WAYLON IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. I was always too conservative or traditional to really act crazy but I did have a few moments and it was darned great fun.

    Little Sis and I used to drive all over Texas, supposedly looking for new Family Reunion sites - gave us the proper excuse for such excursions. Spent a little time at Luckenbach and must say it was a most enjoyable weekend.

  3. PS: Tell the Kid who wants to go to the city of Luckenbach - a city it is not. It qualifies as a town by virtue of having a post office in the general store, which consists of Luckenbach. A few outhouses, picnic tables, etc. under the trees. But more atmosphere and fun than a city.

  4. i also have a t-shirt that says everyone's somebody in Luckenbauch...i went there once about 30 years ago..and it was closed..swear to the Goddess.

  5. "Sometimes I resemble that remark!!"

    We all do. Some are just more honest than others.


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