Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Weather Globe

This is supposed to be a hummingbird feeder. We tried using it as one but the liquid would drain out before the hummers could find it to drink from it. Now it is a weather globe and today it is indicating Winter Weather. When it is wet, it is raining. When it is hanging straight down, the weather is calm. When its chain is horizontal, it's windy. If it is frosty, it's cold out.


  1. in texas we have a thing called an Aggie weather meter. It's a rock..if it's's raining, if it's moving back and forth it's windy, if it has snow on it(well, your probably not in texas) ..etc...
    I have a cold meter's my nipples..if i stand on the porch and then get hard, I know it's at least 20 below.

  2. Yep, that takes the worry out of figuring what is going to happen outside. I want one!!!

  3. I used to feed the hummers, but that was waaay back with the kids, pre-jurassic park era.

    I don't recall the feeder looking anything like that. The kids took care of the great bird feeding project as I called it, mostly. Seems I remember they had me hang these balls of stuff...... CRS is on full blast.......


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