Thursday, March 26, 2009

Extended Cab

Recently we have been discussing the possibility of replacing our 14 year old F-150 with something a little newer. The question is which way to go, another pickup or an econobox that would be cheap on gas??? The last time we talked about it, The Old Lady said she had been looking online at prices of new trucks. She said she found some that were going for $50,000 and at that price it would have to be an extended cab as we would be living in it!!!!!!


  1. I say that about the RVs we see with for sale signs on them. I say "Hey, look, that would take care of our need for a car and a house!"

    And come to think of it, if I could work from there, I could save a lot on gas.....hmmmmm.

  2. When I had to finally replace my Chevy Siverado Diesel pick up a couple of years ago, I went with a Ford Ranger with the bigger six cyclinder and extended cab. Stripped down other than that. Even came with real handles to roll up the windows. Of the 4 trucks I have owned in my life, it has by far been the most satisfactory. Mileage was actually worse than the old diesel, but only by a mile or so per gallon. That six cyclinder has some balls for sure. Hauled a GVW 10,000 pound loaded trailer from North Carolina to Maine with no problems whatsoever.

  3. I think I already commented here. This visit is to tell you officially that you have been tagged in my Six Random Things post.

  4. i have a 1996 mazda truck..If i limit my driving to here in town I can drive 3 months on a tank of gas..It's basicly a ford ranger...if you put them side by side you can hardly tell the difference. with the exception of tires a battery, a gas pump,and a a/c compressor, oil changes and tires..that's the only expense I have had on her since I got her used in 2003.

  5. Updating that 14 year old F150 is going to hurt bad, so resign yourself to it now. What you paid for that F150 will now buy the best piece of trash the junkyard has. If they had raised my wages like they did car and truck prices, I could buy your next truck for you out of coffee change!

    If you're going to update tho, now's the time to do it. If you have a lot of patience, you can damn near make salesmen kneel on the cement and beg you to buy.

    I went to a rice burner when I sold my 4WD Silverado, because GM service had F'd me for the last time. I have no recommendations. I bought a fulltime 4WD Toyota Rav4. I was up to Mich. for a funeral in walked thru a foot and a half of snow (with no trail), and never slipped a wheel. However, as we both know, that's a fall snow flurry on the Tundra. Just a will sure as hell never mistaken for a Silverado..(:


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