Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's Up With The Bathtubs??

Since the Cialis ads started, I have wondered why are they in bathtubs out in the middle of nowhere?? Now I found this, which asks the same question.

Some of the comments are pretty good.

"Cialis gave the guy a 4hr woody, he is takinmg a cold bath to try to bring it down after they both were exhausted from 30 minutes of heavy sexual activity. The lady is in a warm bath of couse trying to sooth the soreness she has from the same activity."


  1. Jeez, it is a wonder we have even been able to function before Viagra and Cialis. But I guess being able to maintain a 4 hour woody is akin to recapturing our youth.

    The bath tubs might just be an attempt to clean up the image one has when thinking dirty thoughts.

  2. "Your tub or mine tonight, Dear?"

    That dumbass commercial made people talk about it and remember it, which is the only goal of any commercial.


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