Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Dumb Pictures

Back in the 80's I worked in Greenville, SC and one my co-workers was living in his full sized van temporarily. He said he had an air conditioner which he would put in the back door of the van when he parked at a RV park. He would plug it in to cool off the van as it was summer at the time. This picture shows some thought on how to use a house air conditioner while being mobile.

Did anyone think of how the picture below looked before making the sign???
As for this one below. Speak like Yoda, she does.


  1. Ha ha ha, the Vermont one is cute. I'll be they have some good camping there in the summer.

  2. Got to love us crazy Americans. A guy living in a full size van? Shit, if it gets me back living on the coast it sounds fine to me. Its about the only way I could afford it.

  3. "Did anyone think of how the picture below looked before making the sign???"

    Only those who failed their ink blot test perhaps.:) Regarding the AC in the window of the car, that might be staged, imo. Even IF they managed to convert a AC powered unit to DC, to make it run while the car was sitting still, the slightest bump would make it fall out, as 99% of the weight of window units is outside the window. DC units are available, but there's still the weight distribution issue.

    As we both know from living in the cathedral of stupidity, when they do stupid, they do it in a manner that takes your breath away!!

  4. I failed to see the generator on the trunk (with no tie downs visble.) Must be a quiet car, what with the vibrations and noise of the generator in one ear, and the AC unit in the other!:)

  5. The car is a Lincoln, so should be quiet even if it is beat up with trailer taillights bolted to the trunk.


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