Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St Urho's Day Mar 16

According to legend, St. Urho chased all the grasshoppers out of Finland and saved the grape crop. That's as good a reason as any to celebrate. So raise a glass of wine (grapes you know), beer or whatever your favorite poison is.


  1. Holy O'Christ, eh?

    I usta have a St. Urho's Day T-Shirt from da UP. I gotta dig dat out, ya know.

    My father wrote music to the Ode To St. Urho back in the '60's. I gotta dig up dat tape, eh?

    His lyrics had da frogs version.

    Ain't culture grand?

  2. OK. One more story. When I at Northern Michigan University I remember chanting the "Soumi College Cheer".

    Something like this:

    "Feelia, mojakka, hardtack too
    Soumi College we for you!
    Yah! You Betcha!"

  3. clicking my dublin dr pepper in your direction..

  4. I will definitely drink to that.


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