Friday, March 6, 2009

The Party Of Nope!!

They are willing to let the country go to hell rather than admit that it was their policies that caused the financial mess to begin with. Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face!!


  1. i had an informed 'chat' from nancy the libraian...she said her friend? said that obama's inexperience is showing and that there is no way his budget and the bail out is going to work..i said did your friend have a better solution..she just looked at me..i said if you aint got nuttin' better, then tell your friend i said to stf up...

  2. The brand of "Republican" that we are confronted with today has only one goal. Put radical conservatism back in power. That is the ONLY thing they care about.

    And yes, they'd gladly send us all down the shitter if that would put them back in power. Rush Limbaugh has openly said he wants Obama to fail.

    So much for patriotism.

  3. I guess they (repukes) expected a solution in six frigging weeks. Dumbass idiots.

  4. Left - Right - House of mirrors.

    Never mind all that, prepare to fend for yourself.

    I like Mr. Obama but he is just another rich boy that likes Airfarce One.

    That's no better than a CEO of a company, and we have to pay for all that.

  5. Rush Limbaugh has openly said he wants Obama to fail. So much for patriotism.

    Patriotism to what? This country? I think not. I prefer that we go into anarchy and see what we can build after that.

    I don't really want Mr. Obama to fail, but I know that he will.

    And when the smoke clears, Limbaugh will just be a pile of ashes, he sure has gotten fat and ugly.

  6. While I include the Democrats in with who I blame for this mess that has been building for 29 years, it does strike me how absolutely stupid the Republican Leadership and their lock step minions are. As Future was Yesterday points up, they have only one goal - regain power. They could give a shit about the rest of us. Yeah true patriots.

  7. The party of Greed Over Patriotism is on only one track; seizing wealth and power with no regard for consequences of concern for others.

    They have the perfect partners and enablers in the brain dead Armaggedonists who's idea of success is the destruction of the world.


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