Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hippies, Old And Otherwise

Saw a post on Dave Dubya's blog about a divorce agreement between The Never-Right and the Left. In it there was mention of Hippies.

"You can have your beloved homeless, homeboys, hippies and illegal aliens."

This song by the Bellamy Brothers pretty well sums up how any Hippies that are left live.

The Never-Rightwingnuts blame The Dirty Fucking Hippies for us losing the Vietnam War (As George Carlin put it, "Pull out, doesn't sound very manly to me")when most of those protesting the war were those who didn't want to be drafted into the Army or Marines. What I find very ironic is that The Never-Right is still picking fights with a group where if there are any left don't want to fight with anyone. I guess that's just their style, kick those that are already down or pick on those that are not inclined to fight back.


  1. I simply refuse to argue about this. Now pass me the granola?

  2. yup..but the dirty fucking hippies were right..hahah

  3. Thanks for the tunes, dude.

    Ya gotta wonder how many old hippies are now pickin' away in country bands. I've known a few.


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