Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boob Job

Heard about this on the news last night, but they didn't have any details. Now it seems the woman that got breast implants with fake ID and Credit Card has been found. Found this video on

Turns out she had implants before and all they had to do was track down the serial number on the old implants that came out to know who she was. Now the question is, what happens next. Do they pull out the implants and put the fat back from the Lipo???


  1. i think they should take them back...leave her flat chested...oh no..even better..just take one back...ahhahah

  2. I love ktla. this woman is a piece of work. I say - hell yes, take out the boobs and give her more fat than she started with!! And charge her for that too!

  3. This story is udderly ridiculous.

  4. Should this story go into the dumb blonde file drawer?


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