Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Watch

A week ago I bought a new watch. What caught my eye when looking at watches was a tag on this one that said "Digital Thermometer". I thought that maybe it would be handy to know what the temp is where you are at. If you will notice in the upper right of the watch it says 88 degrees. Now if that is my body temp, I've been dead for awhile. I know it wasn't room temp as the picture was taken during last weekend's Blizzard and I didn't notice a sudden Summer Heat Wave at the time I took the picture. The beep for the alarm is so low that the only time I heard it was when I kept watching to see if the alarm worked and noticed the alarm going off and put the watch to my ear to hear the beeps.

Now for the good points. It does keep time (the main reason to have a watch) and the stopwatch works. The band is made from what appears to be nylon webbing and should last. My last watch had a plastic band and fell apart after 5 or 6 years. The watch is still going or was the last time I saw it hanging from a knob on the dash of the old truck I have UP on the tundra. The type of band on my old watch was not the common type so I couldn't replace it.


  1. New computer...new watch...can't wait to see what is next. I can honestly say I know someone who is helping the economy now. I give you my thanks.

  2. "It does keep time (the main reason to have a watch) "

    After literally months of searching, I finally found a watch that told just the date and time.

    I bought two of them.

  3. So, over all is it a bargain or a bust? I can't quite tell. Is that ticking I hear your heart or your alarm?

  4. I hate fancy digital watches (and the bad directions that come with them) and just use a plain one that tells me what time it is. That is all I need a watch to do, tell me the fucking time.

    I have other stop watches and such, that I seldom use anyway.

    A while back I bought an atomic clock for the camper. That piece of shit can't find the time of day to save it's ass.

    Thanks for the reminder, if I think of it I will smash that fucker to landfill tomorrow.

    Man, I hate buying shit that isn't simple and doesn't work right. And I don't need it to do everything for me, I just want it to do what my need is, tell me the fucking time.

    I've been looking at weather stations, but I think I will just stick with weather reports and looking out the window instead of buying some piece of shit that is going to piss me off.

  5. house of satan has a watch i like...it's a little like yours except it's not digital..i hate digital watches...these watches cost $12....I fecking love them...they are indestructable except for the band strap....it always breaks...so to keep it on ..I super glue the band together...when I take a shower I rip it off and then after I reglue it..it's now the ugliest watch in the world..but it keeps perfect time and it glows in the dark..what more do you want for $12..hahah

  6. Utah; that ticking you hear must be my heart because if I can't hear the alarm, nobody else would hear it. As for whether or not it is a bargain, only time will tell. I determine if it is a bargain by how long it stays on my wrist telling time.


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