Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dealing With ADD

I spent last week dealing with ADD. That's Attention Deficit Dog!! Below is a picture of subject of this post. That's 'Charlie Lays In Shade' below actually laying in the shade. This picture was taken last summer. The Kid had to be gone all week for training and I went over to Tejas to take care of Charlie. Charlie is about 9 years old and is getting mellower with age. He is mellow about most things, but he can't get enough attention (petting, etc.) and will make a pest of himself if you let him. Below is the most recent picture of him taken last week. Charlie is a Black Lab mix that was released from doggy jail when he was about 4 months old. What's weird is he has the features of a Black Lab down to the webbed feet and he hates water. He will go into water far enough to get his chest wet and then will not go any farther. Last summer I took him UP on the tundra where summers are not as hot as those in Tejas and will probably do the same again this summer.


  1. Charlie looks like a sweet dog. We had a lab mix once and MathMan loved that dog. He loved her so much that he would carry her around even though she weighed about 45 lbs. She was a sweet dog, but I never saw the need to carry her around.

    You're a good dog grandpa, aren't you?

  2. What a sweet guy.

    We have a German Shepherd that never swims, but when she saw my wife and I in Lake Superior, she swam out and circled us to shepherd us back in.

  3. Lisa, Charlie weighs more than 45# and is hard to pick up.

    Dave, are you a polar bear?? I have never swum in Lake Superior, the water is too cold.

  4. The lake is been getting warmer over the years. Still it's a cool dip in August.

    I like to take an annual "cleansing of the negative spirits" swim. Then I poke around for agates. Finally I sit and listen to the breeze in the pines while I sip a cool beverage.

    Those are ma favorite remedies for what ails us.

  5. Charlie looks like our Stubeetchka. Damn, those Labs really get around don't they? At least they are mellow usually. Dumber than dirt, but mellow.

  6. The dumbest dog we ever had was an Irish Setter. Don't know if it was because it was a pure breed or because it started off cooped up in an apartment in Chicago.

  7. Those black labs are not only big and beautiful, they are big enough to stop an elephant in it's tracks, and gentle enough that little babies can pull hair, fur, poke ears, and never get a nip


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