Monday, March 2, 2009

A Song About All The Good Stuff On TV

A song by Ray Stevens with his usual funny twists.


  1. Ray Stevens always break things down to their simplest forms. Love him.

  2. Boy, you sure have been busy posting since my last visit. I don't get all that on my TV but with my mind why would I need to?

    Adults are such fakes though, they try to hide from their kids what they really enjoy.

    As if that will make a difference because they grow up and drift right into the same stuff. Actually, I'm okay with that and never did try to hide from my kids what we are.

    But my three brain celled christian wife, that was a different story, never mind that she would suck on my dick, ha ha ha.

  3. Ray Stevens is one of those "timeless" entertainers. But nearly all his music, in addition to the comedy, has a deeper meaning that is often biting satire.


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