Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Facebook Posts That Make You Want To Deny You Know The Person That Posted It

Saw this on facebook yesterday by someone I used to know (he unfriended me several years ago when I asked him to explain why he was against the mosque in NYC). The reason I saw it is because someone that I am friends with had liked the post.

It was a blog post by a climate change denier about how can this be about reducing CO2 when you have a helicopter burning aviation fuel, a truck burning fuel with the heater to heat the water burning fuel? This is wrong in so many ways and is typical of those on the Reich-WingNut fringe in the way they try to deny shit. In the first place, most wind turbines today have de-icing capabilities, either heating elements built into the blades or a heater in the hub and fans to blow hot air into the blades. The photo shows a system developed for those early models that don't have de-icing capabilities, which would have to wait until the weather warms up enough and/or the sun can melt the ice off the blades.

How many tons of CO2 would be produced by a coal fired plant while waiting for the ice to melt off the wind turbine naturally???? Strikes me as the helicopter, truck, and burner produce a hell of a lot less CO2 than a coal fired power plant!!

In any case, it's typical of climate change deniers to take one small example of an old style wind turbine being de-iced and say it applies to every wind turbine everywhere on the planet.


  1. Something I have learned through all my years: you can't fix stupid
    the Ol'Buzzard


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