Sunday, January 24, 2016

WTF Windows 10, Why Do I Have To Verify Who I Am To My Own Fucking Computer??

Why the Fuck do I have to sign in every fucking time I turn on the computer??????  I was warned by everyone I know who had upgraded to Windows 10 not to do it. But I figured sooner or later I'll need to replace my laptop (The Old Lady's confuser died last year and we are now sharing my laptop) and all the new ones will come with Windows 10. So I figured I might as well learn how to deal with it now.

I waited 6 months before upgrading in the futile hope that they would have the bugs worked out before I upgraded. NO SUCH LUCK!! When I first upgraded most things seemed the same. A few things were gone, like the cleaner I had and the games that came with the confuser originally. Then the next time it shut down and started again everyfuckingthing was gone. No bookmarks on any of the browsers, wallpaper was gone and all the pictures stored on the thing. Found them hiding somewhere, but would be a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS to locate and use!! Next time it was started the bookmarks were back and the wallpaper. Also it was easier to get at the pictures.

I know some of this shit is just learning how to operate the system, but some of the things it does make no sense, especially when I haven't done anything to cause it. This morning the Wi-Fi was turned off. The Old Lady turned it back on and was on the Internet for a couple hours. Then when I went to use it, it was on airplane mode, and of course, no Wi-Fi!!

I think the thing that pisses me off the most is the having to sign in every FUCKING time it gets turned on. I had to get a code emailed to me from Microsoft to verify who I was to my own fucking computer. I thought that's why Microsoft wanted me to verify who I was on my own computer so I wouldn't have to go through that bullshit again. I have never set it up to have to sign in because it is my personal confuser and the only ones using it are me and family!! I guess I'll have to google how to turn that FUCKING BULLSHIT off, but WHY THE FUCK should I have to do extra work to eliminate something I never wanted or did anything to CAUSE THAT SHIT!!! WHY THE FUCK IS THE PROGRAM DOING STUFF TO MY CONFUSER THAT I NEVER AUTHORIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe this will encourage me to install LINUX. I have a manual and CD for LINUX. I would have to go online and get upgrades to LINUX after installing it. It's an old version of LINUX, but hopefully I would be able to upgrade it.


  1. I hate Windows 10. I am not having the specific problems you are, but I am having problems...such as...making settings and then coming back later and the settings have gone who knows where. This happens frequently. I quit turning my computer off because everytime I reboot, it rearranges my desktop icons, EVEN THOUGH I have it set NOT to do that. PISSES ME OFF! There's more, but I won't bore you with it.

    Maybe you should consider not turning you computer off every time and just do it every couple of weeks just to clean it out. That would solve the sign-in bullshit.

    I share your pain, bro!

  2. I'm not getting 10 until I'm forced to buy a new computer with 10 already on it.

    Linux will be a whole new learning curve also.

  3. I have windows 10 and no problems. You can call Microsoft help free until June if you are having problems and a tec will help you. I purchased Windows 10 for Dummies and find it covers most problems - however, I am a manuals person - I like instruction books. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then to Windows 10 without a problem, but I used the books to help me.

    I don't believe there is any option to signing in to Microsoft account when you start your computer. But, without Microsoft account Windows 10 loses a lot of functions.

    Sounds like I know what I am talking about - but I don't

    Good luck
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Ol'Buzzard, I googled the sign-in bullshit and got info on how to turn it off. What had me scratching my ass was in order to complete the process to turn off the sign-in I had to do a thing where I did my name and then set up a password and confirmation of the password in order to eliminate the having to do a fucking password to sign-in!!!!!!!!

  5. BBC, get that book that Ol'Buzzard has when you buy a new computer!!

  6. I always get a Dummy's book when getting a new operating system, makes life much easier.

  7. Manuals don't always tell you what you want to know. I bought a Haynes manual to work on my Jeep pickup. Here's what it said about transfer cases; transfer cases are complicated, if yours needs work take it to a transmission shop. If I was going to take it to a shop I wouldn't have bought the fucking repair manual!!

  8. Right, Haynes manuals lack a lot, if you want a good automotive manual you have to get a Motors Manual for professionals, but you are going to pay a lot more for it. I bought a Haynes manual the other day for a PT Cruiser, then I got on Utube to learn what I wanted to know.

    Good library's are pretty well stocked with Motor Manuals, and Chilton is better than a Haynes but not as good as a Motors. But it is a changing world, often what you want to know is now on the internut for free.

    The Dummy's books are actually pretty damn good, they don't get to geeky on you and help you a lot. Buy one if you wanna learn how to make beer.

  9. Windows 10 will be on my next new computer and only then will I deal with it. Windows 7 works for me. Actually XP and Office 2003 worked for me for 10 years but I don't have that choice anymore. Thanks for the warnings, though. And the Dummies advice.

  10. BBC, I've noticed lately that there is the Chilton name on Haynes manuals. I have all three, Motors (60s to 70, early to mid 80s), a couple of Chiltons, one that covers most cars in the 70s and a couple for specific vehicles and several Haynes for various vehicles I have owned.

  11. "Chilton name on Haynes manuals"

    I wasn't aware of that, Chilton does make some cheap manuals, or did back in the day when I was working in the trade but they also made manuals for the professionals, they were okay but not as good as Motors.

    I had a couple of Motors manuals that covered automatics only, they were pretty good. When you buy a part these days ask the parts man/gal if their computer is showing any installation tips, they sometimes help.

    Three women work in the Auto Zone here, two of them are pretty damn good, I don't like talking to stupid parts people.

  12. You're better off getting an up-to-date version of a Linux (or a *BSD, just saying).
    I'm not saying you couldn't update the older one, but you'll probably save time if you don't and, if it's old, you may save yourself a headache as well.
    Assuming you have a DVD burner (or a USB thumbdrive), you can simply download a new image (verify the checksums) and burn it on a DVD (or copy it on the flashdrive).

    Oh, Windows 10 also spies on you. They seem to be constantly renaming the "feature" and turning it back on again.


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