Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recent Goodwill Buys

This is the router that links the desktop confuser to internet via cables and the laptop confuser via wireless. Paid $6 for it, a new one would be $50-60.
This is a biscuit joiner or also called a biscuit cutter that I got for $19. Not sure what a new one would cost as it appears this is an old model that is no longer made.

Yesterday I walked to Goodwill to look for a bag to carry my laptop in and spotted this radar detector for only $2.52. A new one runs $300. It looks like it works, when I plugged it in, it lit up and I was able to go thru the programs. Would be nice if I could find instructions on how to use it.
Using supervisor tape(the two-faced stuff) I attached some rubbery drawer liner to the bottom to keep it from sliding around on the dash. I don't have the bracket with suction cups that would mount this to the windshield and don't want one as that would let people know I might have something worth stealing in the car like a radar detector or GPS unit. The Kid had a GPS unit in her car attached to the windshield and someone smashed the window in the driver's door and stole it.
Anywho, this seemed to work as I set it on the dash and drove for a ways today and it didn't move. Will see how it works next time we make a road trip.


  1. I stopped buying used electronic shit at my Goodwill store, I always ended up with a piece of shit.

    Never had a radar unit in my life, don't need one now, I drive the speed limit just to piss others off.

    I have two GPS units but they are pretty much just toys I play with at times. Useful sometimes though.

  2. You will find a GPS unit most useful, if you travel a lot, if you put it online and update the software a few times a year.

    I don't bother to do that.

  3. there you go..talking that geek shit..I don't' speak geek.

  4. I plan on getting a GPS, but it will be a hand-held model. Don't need one to get me lost while navigating the roads, got a Rand McNally for that and can look up places on Mapquest or Google.

  5. I like my new Garmin 255W GPS. It has a good size screen and is touch screen controlled and has a lot of cool features and settings and a built in rechargeable battery so I don't have to screw with batteries.

    The cord that came with it recharges it off of the truck battery and it's good for a four hour hike out in the woods as a hand held.

    If you are going to be out in the woods for a couple of days wandering around you just set a way point and when you want to find your way back to your rig you turn it on to see which way you need to be moving.

    It's about the size of a wallet but not as fat as my wallet.

    GPS unit models change as fast as computers do but in truth most of the new ones are not much different model to model, they just do that to keep selling you the newest shit.

    If I went today and bought a new Garmin it wouldn't be much different than what I have, just a few more software features on it that I don't need is all.

    Hell, my ten year old GPS tells me where I'm at and what direction I'm going and all that, and what direction I need to go to get back.

    That's pretty much what all GPS units do, the newer ones just tell you where to find hotels and service stations and tourist attractions and shit like that.

    They'll find you anything but a whorehouse.

  6. The icon I picked to represent me on my Garman is a bird, isn't that fucking special?

  7. The Kid had a GPS unit in her car attached to the windshield and someone smashed the window in the driver's door and stole it.

    Mine is on a detachable mount, it isn't in view when I'm not using it.


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