Friday, December 10, 2010

One of my Summer Projects

Kinda disgusted with current affairs so am putting up pictures of one of my projects while I was UP on the Tundra last summer.
Above is how the stairs (if you can call anything this steep stairs) up to the loft in the cabin were before the project started.
Cut a piece of paneling to see how far out the stringer would come on the new staircase. Screwed it to the old stairs to get an idea on spacing and how far into the room it would extend.

Work in progress. The stairs coming down from the loft to the landing.
Working on the stairs coming down from the landing to the floor. Who says you have to build stairs going up???? I built them coming down. Worked for me!!
This is how I was able to build the stairs without using stringers and so would have more space for storage under the stairs.
The rest of the stairs down to the floor. The risers are cut from the old stairs and the treads are cut from planks that were part of the bench in the old sauna. Under the bottom stair I will put a drawer for storing small things like mittens and gloves or something. There will be storage under these lower stairs, both drawers and doors where stuff can be stored.
Upper stairs and landing with beadboard paneling up to the railing.
The refrigerator is back where it was, just rotated 90 degrees. Next to it under the landing is the microwave. Will see about getting new cabinets for this space next summer.


  1. wow..that's amazing..pretty damn good

  2. Good job but at your advancing aging why didn't you just build an elevator? A one person elevator only takes up 3 square feet.

  3. 2 square feet if you don't plan on needing a wheelchair.

  4. Stairs don't require electricity. Never know when the power will go out UP on the Tundra.

  5. A little elevator like that just going one short story could be manually operated with a hand winch.

    We once made one in a Ford dealership using a differential and tyranny (choice of four speeds going up. Anyway...

    Kinda disgusted with current affairs

    You're having affairs? Do you give lessons?


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