Monday, December 13, 2010

Palin the Mighty Hunter, NOT

Found this video on The Awl.

Last week there were a lot of comments on the intratubes about Sarah Palin's shooting of a caribou on her TV show. This video shows what really happened. She doesn't carry her own gun and then doesn't load or even work the bolt herself. Also she missed several times before being handed another gun for the final shot that brought down the caribou.

I realize that all TV shows are staged and edited, but this shows how little she knows about the lifestyle she purports to be about. It's all about the faking of the "Aw shucks, just folks" bullshit and how the rubes will eat that shit up!!

H/T to Banquet of Consequences for the idea to go looking for this.


  1. Wonder if it was a captive animal shoot? They offer those in Finland with reindeer. Kind of like shooting a cow, but I guess if you've got money and no skills its a great way to feel good about yourself.

  2. she could have sold me on shooting for the meat if she wasn't filthy rich and didn't need to shoot her meat to survive..stupid bitch.

  3. If she had used her own fucking gun and knew it she should have been able to take it down with the first shot or two. I've never used more than two shots to take something down other than a deer one time that I needed when I just had a 22 and it was about 500 feet away.

    All of my shots hit it but it took four of them to take it down. I've shot deer with a 22 with just one shot but at only about a hundred feet.

    Does she even own her own fucking gun?

    What a stupid caribou, did they drug it before the filming?

  4. My old deer gun, a Jap 6.5 rifle (they used them on us in WW2) re-chambered to a 257 Roberts cartridge would take a deer down at 300 yards with just one shot.

    I've never shot many deer but that was a good gun for getting the job done.

  5. I don't hunt, and haven't even shot a .22 in years, but my first thought was, WTF? Hasn't that woman ever held a gun before?

  6. She's definitely got the PR thing figured out. I wonder when she crosses the line of overexposure. Not for her detractors, but for her fans.

  7. So when the Twit of the Tundra says, "Time to reload," she means for someone to do it for her.


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