Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Confuser

Bought a new confuser recently, it was delivered last Friday, well sort of. The stupid Fed-Ex person left it on the doorstep of the wrong apartment. (Note to Self, never use Fed-Ex for shipping and if ordering online, make sure they don't ship Fed-Ex!!!) The address on the box was right, it said Apt D, so why was it be left at Apt A???? A neighbor noticed it and knocked on my door and asked if the package was mine. As we are the only ones living in this building, chances were good it was mine.
This morning I got the virus program downloaded from Comcast. It was easier than I thought it would be. Also got the router hooked up and am now doing this wirelessly. Bought the router at Goodwill for $6 the other week. Originally bought it for the transformer to give to The Kid for her keyboard so she would be able to make music with it. The one she had had a loose connection at the plug where you plug it into the keyboard. Yesterday I went to Goodwill again and bought another transformer with the right size plug for $2 and spliced the plug to the wires on the transformer for the keyboard.
For someone who doesn't really know shit about confusers ( I call them confusers because whenever I do stuff with them I get confused), I'm doing OK!! Right now I'm in the same room as the router, need to shut things down and move to another room and see how it works.

Update: after posting this, I took the confuser downstairs to try out the wireless connection. No luck, then spent several hours going over and over the router set-up with the other confuser. Even got to the point where I couldn't get back into the router set-up. After looking up more info on the router, I was able to reset it and start over on the set-up. Now am wireless again and downstairs. Will see what happens after everything is shut down tonite and I turn things on again in the morning.


  1. was all of that in Chinese?...zoom right over my head

  2. I bought a new router when I got my new confuser, mostly just cuz I wanted an extra firewall between me and the internut. But it's not wireless, I'm just not into that wireless shit.

    But I suppose that if I was in your home I could use my wireless equipped notebook to access the internut.

    Have fun with your new toy, go nuts, that's where they're taking us anyway.

  3. The desktop confuser is hard wired thru the router and the laptop is wireless. That way when we are both home, we don't have to take turns using the confuser.

    Finally figured out what the problem was with the router. The instructions I copied off the intratube left out one important step. It had me put in a password in several places, but the one that counts in order for the laptop to go wireless was a long string of numbers and letters created by a random generator. Took me half the day before I figured that out!!


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