Friday, October 18, 2013

People Are Bitching About The Wrong Things!!

While in a way I can understand why some people get upset about people on food stamps and how they spend them, they are making a big deal out of small potatoes. I guess the reason some people get pissed about what they perceive as abuse is because they can actually see it in action. (But who the fuck made you the nutrition police??)

What nobody sees is the huge rip-off that is CORPORATE WELFARE!! There are corporations that actually give employees instructions on how to get on Medicaid and food stamps. Walmart costs taxpayers over $900,000 for each store each year. You are paying for that cheap shit at Walmart whether you shop there or not!! That's just the tip of the iceberg, when you figure in all the money they don't pay in taxes and the rebates some corporations get even tho they don't pay any taxes, it is in the BILLIONS!!

There's an old saying, "Penny wise and Pound foolish". People are bitching about a few dollars here and there while ignoring the billions of tax dollars that go to subsidize some of the most profitable corporations in the world!!
I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. -- Jay Gould 
That is what is happening these days, not literally, but figuratively. People bitching about other people that are at the same level or people they think are below them is what the powers-that-be want. If you're busy bitching about the guy buying a Snickers bar with food stamps, you won't notice how deep into your pocket the rich bastards are reaching!! Why should we have to subsidize the oil companies or Walmart or McDonalds??? They would still be profitable without the government assistance!!

We need to realize we are all in the same boat. This bitching about what others may or may not be doing is like arguing about who gets what deck chairs on the Titanic all the while the fucking ship is sinking!!!


  1. It is not people that are the problem - it is a government driven by big business and the mega-rich.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Am I to assume that you and Nan never shop at a Walmart?

  3. Can I also assume that you never go fast food places? Or for that matter even the local cafes being as they don't pay any better or give any benefits.

    Hey, I'm just wondering...

  4. K,
    Great post! I concur. Can you imagine someone telling you that you can't buy a six pack with your Social Security money?
    I wonder - How much to these high brow fuckers give to charity or better yet to the church?


  5. We don't shop at Walmart and only occasionally eat at fast food. When we eat in restaurants, we leave a suitable tip depending on the service.

  6. All of the grocery stores here use a lot of part time help.

  7. You got it, Billy, we never shop at Walmart. I think I'd hate those stores even if I didn't know a thing about their management policies. The merchandise is shoddy, their prices aren't that great (Family Dollar and Target offer better deals), and there's something about the combination of the color scheme and lighting that always makes Walmart feel cold and dirty to me.

  8. We have little for shopping choices here, Walmart is the only big retailer here and it's a nice store and I have friends that work there and enjoy their jobs.

    Of course I only shop for certain things there, mostly visiting the paint and sporting goods departments.

  9. I missed this. I am so spot on in concurrance.
    Walmart has destroyed small town america and all the small merchants that used to provide good quality service.

    i got a story.
    was back home years ago..small town in West Wisconsin. Mon's 80th birthday. Grand Kids burned out the switch on her power recliner..the kind that will elevate her right up to standing position. I take the assembly off and to the 'local' Walmart 'super store. showed it to the clerk in hardware. 'have you got one that will fit' looks at me and says, "don't know..I just work here.' So I truck across town to the only remaining small hard ware store...tell the guy the whole deal..about mom, the chair...just need a switch. He looks through the shelves, finds one that is just a little too small for the houising...grabs a couple of washers...takes them in the back where he has a drill press, reams out the hole...almost. has to get another washer, reams that out...we goof with the housing and bingo, it's a fit. z jpe,ivj.zosdlrfjo,/ 'well, a buck forty five for the switch and two washers at 23 cents each' 'gees,' I said, " we have been at this for over forty five minutes...I must owe you something for your time.'

    now, I had not lived there for over forty years...I did not recognize the guy at all...and he looks me in the eye and says, 'Naw....I know your Mom...hope she had a good birthday...say HI for me.'

    fuck Walmart...will never shop there again. I Always try to find a small merchant...butcher shop, bakery.... there still is some America left..enjoy it while you can.


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