Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I've at times said I would like to go naked on rollerskates and say I'm an adult pull toy. Doubt if that would go over now at my age!!


  1. You might end up being pulled to the Baraga County Jail...

    Or worse yet - get frost bite- Yoy Yooper...


  2. There is a market for just about any diversion out there and I guess it would depend on whether your puller still had any tensile strength...not to mention, an audience. ;-)

  3. The weather would not be good for my costume. Around here they make costume to fit over snowsuits for little kids as it has snowed on Halloween on many occasions. This year was just a little chilly and rainy, but then there would be shrinkage.

  4. Cindy came to the bar dressed as a nun, I guess cuz she isn't getting none.


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