Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not Exactly A FOAD

The end of last month I got a letter from the VA in Detroit. The Old Lady said, "It's a thin envelope. It's a FOAD. I can smell FOADs." Well, it wasn't a FOAD (Fuck Off And Die), not quite anywho.

Back in April I filed a claim for disability with the VA for hearing loss. In June I got a letter from the VA and I got my hopes up that they had allowed my claim for disability. No, it was just a form letter saying, "We're working on it." Looks like every other month I'm going to get a letter saying, "We're working on it."


  1. It seems working isn't their forte.

  2. With the VA back load you had probably better sign up for a class in lip reading.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. K,
    Contact me back channel at and I will tell you what I did and got 20%...

    I got the same letter you did years ago about my hearing loss.
    You worked around jet engines...


  4. How is hearing loss a disability? I see and hear way to much.


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