Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Old Lady's Favorite Peeler

The Old Lady has a favorite peeler. It's so old it was made in West Germany. She's had the thing for 30+ years and this morning it broke.

These pictures show what happened to the peeler. The blade popped off.

Another view of the blade off the peeler.

I drilled out what was holding the blade on and used pull-thru rivets to reattach the blade. I had thought of using solid rivets, but after looking at how worn it is (was afraid it would break and be unusable), decided to go with the pull-thru rivets. It should last for a little while longer, but I'm afraid the next time it breaks, I won't be able to fix it as it is wearing out. Now for sure she has to find a replacement. The problem is they don't make these peelers anymore. As recently as a year or two ago she had found similar peelers made by the same company, but when she checked today, she couldn't find any.


  1. I don't recall ever seeing a peeler like that.

  2. Using something for thirty years and then repairing it is a concept that most people these days can't understand.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Hey, quit calling your wife "the old lady" and I might try to help you. lol
    Anyway, I found one on Etsy but unfortunately it was already sold. Still, it tells you they're out there. you just have to keep looking.


  4. It balances out, she calls me The S.O. with a silent "B".

    Have to check out the link. Thanks.


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