Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plowtruck Project

 This is a '79 Jeep pickup that I am fixing up to plow snow next winter UP on the Tundra.

'79 Jeep with snowplow.
Below is a picture of the old chain that was slipping.  It would slip under hard acceleration and would not spin the wheels at all.  Tried pulling out some brush with the Jeep and it just sat there with the chain slipping and making noise.
Old drive chain.  Wonder why it was slipping??
New drive chain.  Hope this fixes the problem!!
Got the new chain yesterday and installed it.  Hopefully today I'll get the rest of my order, the special lube for the Quadra-Trac transfer case.

To test whether the repair fixed the problem I have a plan.  The rear bumper is bent and I plan on wrapping a chain around a tree with the other end hooked on the bumper.  Then I'll try to pull the bumper out straight.  That will show how well the four-wheel drive is working.


  1. Did you get that Jeep from Red Green?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. While it does look like a Red Green project, he mostly used K-cars. Never used a Jeep that I know of.


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