Friday, July 26, 2013

Hooters With A Scottish Accent

While in Green Bay this week we found a pub called Tilted Kilt. They have decent food at reasonable prices and the scenery ain't bad either.


  1. There is now a Hooters in Missoula, Mt. I was there a bit early in the day and it wasn't opened yet but took a picture to post. Hell, we had hooters in the campground and the drinks were cheaper.

  2. Beats the shit out of that gay bar downtown I wandered into BY MISTAKE on a snowy night in Green Bay. Something like the leather bar scene in fucking Police Academy!
    I ran had 1 Stroh's and walked out and heard a voice say, "Oh, damn!
    The little bitch is leaving"...



  3. Only Hooters I was ever in was in St Louis. Mistake. They were all dressed as modestly as maiden aunts. I wonder what this girl is wearing under her kilt?

  4. We were in a Hooters in St. Louis at the old train depot. They were wearing the standard outfits. No complaints on the food or service.


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