Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Don't Need A Stinking Parade, I Want A Fucking Apology!!

Recently my cousin's wife did a comment on facebook about how my cousin liked marching with veterans at the local Pow-Wow because Vietnam era vets never got any parades when they came home. Actually, I don't need a stinking parade, I want a Fucking Apology from any and all politicians and others that got us into that fiasco called Vietnam. I still remember hearing BULLSHIT like "If we don't stop the dirty, fucking commies over there, we'll be fighting them on the beach in Long Beach!!" Well after over 50,000 dead Americans we finally left Vietnam and the only ones on the beaches of Long Beach and other places were refugees.

Most people put most of the blame on JFK and LBJ, but I say the one that started that fiasco was DDE. He had US there helping the French leave and then had our troops there secretly. JFK admitted we had troops there as "advisors", yeah right. Then LBJ increased the level and the massive build-up in '65 kinda fucked up my plans for the future as I was getting out of high school. LBJ had the balls to pass Civil Rights bills and Medicare, wish he'd had the balls to get out of Vietnam, but he knew if he pulled out he'd never be re-elected and that was more important I guess.

Another one that pisses me off is Tricky Dicky. He interfered with the peace talks in hopes of winning the election in '68, which he did. Imagine how many American lives would have been saved if the war had ended in '69?? (I sure as hell would have made me breathe easier for the rest on my hitch.) Then the bastard dragged it out in order to get re-elected.  (Tricky Dicky cut the budget and they kicked me out 4 months early because of "budgetary limitations", and I still didn't vote for the Fucking Crook!!) Hell that shit would probably still be going on if he hadn't resigned.

There are those that believe the real reason we were in Vietnam was because they thought there was a huge oil reserve in the South China Sea. That is probably true, I remember hearing how the oil companies were bidding on drilling rights in the South China Sea a couple years after the war ended. Don't remember hearing anything about it after that. So, was this the first war for oil, I think so. Have seen articles about how after WWII the pentagon concentrated planning on oil, insuring a steady supply of oil because that was the main reason Germany lost the war, not enough oil and its refined products. But I guess that's another rant.

I know I'll never get an apology:
1. Most of the ones responsible are dead.
2. Those that are still alive will never admit they Fucked Up!!


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  2. I wonder if we'll ever get smart enough to stop fighting wars for the rich and powerful.

  3. I second this.

    The damned thing is, we learned NOTHING from that cluster fuck. We are still at it.

  4. It also served as a warning to Indonesia not to even think about it. Who knows if the war was a success or not as no one has told the truth about why it was even fought.


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