Saturday, February 1, 2014

Condom For Needledick The Bug Fucker

Yesterday I went to visit a friend and after I sat down he tossed a small package at me and asked what are these. He is no longer able to read after he had blood vessels burst in his head many years ago. I looked at the package and saw these little round things in the bubble package. 

It is sitting on quarter inch graph paper.
 After reading the instructions, I saw it was for caulking tubes, adhesive tubes, etc....
The condom is in place with some free space at the end.
The instructions for these is the same as for applying a condom on a person.

Above picture is from their website. They have all kinds of suggestions for usage, but the prices I'm seeing from doing a google search is all over the map.


  1. Perfect for neocons and chickenhawks. They have little peckers.

  2. Haven't seen those before.

    Weather report says it will be 11 degrees here on Thursday, I don't recall it being that cold since moving here.

  3. The winter we spent in Seattle we had some snow that fucked up the place for a couple days, but don't remember it getting that cold.

  4. Seems like a good idea...I am always looking for something to plug up a caulk tube or glue tube.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Ol'Buzzard, I've used nails, screws and lately some plastic caps that I don't remember where they came from, probably off some kind of tube or tubing. The problem with using nails or screws is a lot of the stuff hardens in the nozzle and you only have a small opening the size of the nail or screw.

  6. To make most things in tubes last longer after opening them I put them in the freezer.


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